The first stop of our route will be Cleopatra Beach, Caretta Caretta Bay. At this stop, we will take a nice break to enjoy the soft golden sands, refreshing glassy waters and beautiful nature views. Dolphin boat Side visit us for.

You can choose to meet the waters or stay on the boat to sunbathe and pamper your eyes with the beauty of nature; Whatever you choose, you will surely be satisfied!

After our first break, it will continue on its way by taking you to a wonderful place with rich visuals. In this place, we will anchor at a point where we can see the ruins of the famous Temple of Athena and Apollo, which were erected in all their splendor despite their ancient times.

You can swim in the waters where we anchor for about 20 minutes, or you can watch and photograph the stunning beauty of these pale colored pillars. At the same time, you will be able to observe the Port, which is the heart of Side’s nightlife, from where we are. Along with all this, you can book an Antalya city tour from Side.

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