On the eve of his meeting with Xi, Putin pledges to deepen ties with China.

BEIJING — Ahead of his visit to Beijing for the opening of the Winter Olympics, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia pledged on Thursday to deepen his country’s diplomatic and economic ties with China in ways that would counter American power and influence.

In an article as well as a separate interview with Chinese state media, Mr. Putin did not mention the churning confrontation with the United States and its allies over Ukraine. But he said he and China’s leader, Xi Jinping, would coordinate foreign policy “based on close and coinciding approaches to solving global and regional issues.”

As the Ukraine crisis has unfolded, China has become increasingly outspoken in its support of Russia’s positions, complicating President Biden’s strategy of deterring any Russian attack by threatening to impose a punishing economic and diplomatic cost.

Last week, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, after speaking with Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, declared that any political resolution should address “Russia’s legitimate security concerns.”

Mr. Putin is scheduled to meet with Mr. Xi on Friday in Beijing, and he suggested that they would discuss a variety of issues, including trade and business deals, cooperation in lunar exploration and plans to create financial mechanisms that would “offset the negative impact of unilateral sanctions.”

Such sanctions have been the pillar of the American and European responses to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, much to the fury of Mr. Putin and other senior Russian officials and businessmen who have been subjected to them.

On Friday evening, Mr. Putin is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Games, joining dozens of foreign dignitaries, including other heads of state.

In the article Mr. Putin wrote for the Chinese state news agency Xinhua, he appeared to chide Mr. Biden and other leaders for declaring that diplomats from their countries would not attend the ceremony, as a protest against China’s human rights abuses.

“Sadly, attempts by a number of countries to politicize sports to the benefit of their ambitions have recently intensified,” Mr. Putin wrote. “This is fundamentally wrong and contrary to the very spirit and principles of the Olympic charter.”

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