Uvalde Police Chief Announces Resignation

The police chief in Uvalde, Texas, who was out of town during the school shooting that left 21 people dead in May 2022, announced on Tuesday that he would step down. His resignation is the latest fallout from the turmoil in law enforcement over the length of time it took for officers to confront the gunman.

The chief, Daniel Rodriguez, did not give a reason for his decision to resign.

His department and others that responded that day have come under criticism for the more than 70 minutes it took officers to enter the classrooms where the gunman was holed up with teachers and students. His announcement comes less than a week after an investigation by the city concluded that Uvalde officers who were on the scene acted in good faith and did not violate department policy.

Mr. Rodriguez, who has been the police chief since 2018, was in Arizona at the time of the shooting, but was in communication with the officer he had left in charge, Lt. Mariano Pargas Jr. Mr. Pargas resigned in November 2022 after 18 years on the force, and has since been re-elected as a county commissioner.

“After deep contemplation and consideration, I believe it is time for me to embrace a new chapter in my career,” Mr. Rodriguez said Tuesday in a letter announcing his resignation.

The mayor of Uvalde, Cody Smith, said the chief’s resignation would be effective on April 6. He said Homer Delgado, an assistant chief of police, would serve as interim police chief while the city embarked on a search for a new leader.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our community, and we look forward to working together to identify the best candidate to serve the people of Uvalde,” Mr. Smith said in a statement.

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