Is Covid Causing Decision Fatigue? Share Your Story.

For almost two years, the coronavirus has forced us all to make decisions — large and small — as we decide how to move forward. Omicron, like earlier variants, has brought new circumstances and a new set of considerations when it comes to those decisions. Should I send my children to school? Should I wear a higher-grade mask? Should I stay away from public places or resign myself to getting this latest variant?

As schools mostly remain open but struggle with outbreaks and staff shortages, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is criticized by some public health experts for shortening the recommended isolation period for infected people without also recommending a negative test, we’re interested in learning how you are feeling about all of this decision-making, and how it is affecting individuals and your community.

We want to hear from you. A reporter may follow up to discuss your response. We won’t publish your name or comments without talking to you first.

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