Summer Travel Was Chaos. Tell Us What You Saw.

Hopes were high for travel in the summer of 2021. In the United States, vaccines rolled out, new coronavirus cases plummeted and bookings were on the rise as restrictions melted away.

In reality, summer travel’s restart was messy. The Delta variant surged in the United States and beyond, some foreign borders snapped shut again, airline delays and cancellations left passengers stranded and unruly passengers added to the tension in the air.

What was traveling this summer like for you? Tell us in less than 150 words your craziest experience this summer to help us capture the highs and lows of this chaotic moment. It could be a wild and infuriating story about getting stranded by a canceled flight, or a lodging mishap that could only happen in the time of coronavirus. Your story could also be positive: Experiencing a long-awaited reunion with loved ones, or encountering an unexpected act of kindness on the road. We may include your submission in an upcoming story.

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