What videos reveal about tensions in eastern Ukraine.

Allegations of a car bomb and unsubstantiated claims of an imminent attack by Ukrainian forces have heightened tensions in areas of Ukraine held by pro-Russian separatists. The New York Times collected footage from the day to analyze some of the claims:

  • Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine made unverified claims that Ukraine used an explosive to target the vehicle of one of their military leaders on Friday. Footage filmed at the scene by pro-Russian media outlets shows the damaged vehicle in flames.

  • Earlier on Friday, separatist leaders had warned of an imminent attack by Ukrainian forces — an allegation for which there is no evidence, and which Ukraine has denied.

  • Civilians were urged to evacuate, captured on camera forming lines at gas stations and ATMs and appearing to flee the region.

  • Just after midnight on Saturday, verified footage showed another possible explosion, this time in Luhansk.

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