That Strange Piece of Metal Origami Embodies All Elon Musk’s Flaws

Some of the problems Tesla is facing — including first-quarter profits that are down 9 percent from last year, stressful months for shareholders and layoffs of about a tenth of its work force — are the result of factors affecting the electric vehicle industry as a whole. But many of Tesla’s troubles are unique to Tesla and the fact that its chief executive and co-founder, Elon Musk, is unique to the auto industry. He’s a Silicon Valley creature in a Detroit ecosystem who values innovation for its own sake, even at times when he could be more focused on safety and quality. His ethos and approach to running Tesla are embodied by his pet project, the Cybertruck.

Though it fits the technical definition of a truck (it has a bed), the vehicle looks more like an origami version of an El Camino. Mr. Musk suggested its stainless steel exterior might be bulletproof;

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