Deep-Sixing Pornographic Deepfakes for Good

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To the Editor:

Re “Deepfake Violations, Met With a Shrug,” by Nicholas Kristof (column, March 24):

Mr. Kristof underscores the urgent need to address the distressing prevalence of nonconsensual A.I. sexual content online and in top search engine results, to protect individuals, particularly the women and girls overwhelmingly targeted, from exploitation and harm.

I urge all readers to raise their voices by sending letters, emails or open letters tagged on social media and LinkedIn to Google and Microsoft Bing executives and social media teams. Our collective advocacy can amplify the call for these tech giants to take proactive measures in removing such content from their search results.

In an era when technological advancements outpace regulatory frameworks, it is imperative that entities like Google and Microsoft take responsible, decisive action to uphold ethical standards online. Together, we can make a significant difference in creating a safer digital landscape for all.

Brittany Poley

To the Editor:

From Nicholas Kristof’s column: “She passed another group of girls crying for the same reason — and a cluster of boys mocking them. ‘When I saw the boys laughing, I got so mad,’ Francesca said. ‘After school, I came home, and I told my mom we need to do something about this.’

Why was Francesca allowed by school staff to leave the assistant principal’s office (alone, it seems) to go back to class, instead of being taken out of that hellhole for the day? Why were those boys allowed by the school staff to cluster in the hallways? Why were those boys allowed by school staff to continue saying what they did?

Why were those boys not immediately removed from the hallways by the school staff? Why were the school staff (especially the male staff members) not explaining to those boys what they did wrong and why, and disciplining them? Why did school staff not report those boys to their parents?

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